My Insight Data Science Project

While at Insight, I had the opportunity to create a data science project that demonstrates my ability to perform an analysis that creates business value within a short timeframe (about three weeks), simulating how data science operates in an industry setting. For this project I consulted with Zendo Tools, a... [Read More]
Tags: Python, K-means clustering, Gaussian mixture model

Who is the Most Talked About Player in r/fantasybaseball?

While going through the “Nightly Anything Goes” thread in Reddit’s r/fantasybaseball, I noticed one user’s comment on the hivemind nature of the community and how every week there’s a new player that people won’t stop talking about. This got me thinking - who is the most talked about player in... [Read More]
Tags: R, wordcloud, RedditExtractoR

Analyzing the 2017 Fantasy Baseball Standings

I was interested in taking a look at the standings of my fantasy baseball league to see which teams acutally belonged in their respective ranking, as indicated by their expected roto ranking. I was having a hard time extracting the data from the ESPN Fantasy site into R using the... [Read More]
Tags: R, datapasta, ggplot2